What Makes Kaloli Point Special?


Originally Hawaiian villages dotted the coastline in this area. Tsunamis eventually changed the coastline and destroyed most of the villages forcing people to move inland. Today, Kaloli Point is a beautiful neighborhood of mostly paved streets, hiking trails and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaiian Paradise Park is the closest Puna subdivision to Hilo. Driving time from Hilo Airport is about 15 to 20 minutes.

To get to Kaloli Point, take Highway 11 either from Kona or Hilo to the town of Kea’au (about 4 miles outside of Hilo, towards Volcano). If you are coming from Volcano direction, you will encounter the town of Kea’au first. If you are coming from Hilo direction, you will see a left hand bypass turn to get onto Highway 130. Either way, Take the bypass all the way until it narrows and merges and becomes Highway 130. Continue on Highway 130 for a few miles until you reach Hawaiian Paradise Park on the makai (ocean) side of the road. The first intersection into Hawaiian Paradise Park is Shower Drive, the second is Kaloli Drive and the third is Paradise Drive and the fourth is Maku’u. Make a left (the only direction you can go) onto Paradise Drive. Taking Kaloli Drive or Paradise Drive will bring you straight down to Kaloli Point. Hawaiian Paradise Park is the nation’s largest privately owned subdivision and consists of around 6,000 1 acre lots that extend all the way to the ocean. Continue down Paradise Drive all the way to the ocean (about 4 miles). At the end of Paradise, the road makes a sharp curve left and follows the beautiful coastline.

Mauna Kea, HPP

Kaloli Point is a neighborhood of retires, families and full time and part time residents to Hawaii. The homes are well maintained and most of the streets are paved. There is a strong Homeowner’s Association and a very active Neighborhood Watch Program.

Kaloli Point, North, HPP

Kaloli Point, South, HPP

Kaloli Point is just above sea level with striking coastal views. Hui Hanalike Park is a favorite spot for day picnics and fisherman. There is also a private beach, Ha’ena/Shipman Beach, which is an adventure! It requires a two hour hike through the jungle and along the coast.

Ha'ena Beach, Trail at HPP

On Kaloli Point, any time of the day you can see people walking to the tide pools, walking their dogs on the many trails and roads,  hiking the Shipman Trail to the beach, bike riding with their children, fishing from the cliffs or picnicing with their o’hana. Kaloli Point is a unique and pleasant area with much to offer the buyer who is looking for a rural environment but a safe neighborhood feel.

Kaloli Point is in the Kea’au Elementary School District and HPP is the location of the Malamalama Waldorf Academy. There is also the Hawaiian Academy of Arts and Science Charter School located in nearby Pahoa. There is busing to and from Kea’au Elementary.

Just 5 minutes outside of HPP, going south on HWY 130 is the Maku’u Farmer’s Market every Sunday. This is a favorite shopping destination of people living in Puna. It is the largest farmer’s market on the east side of Hawaii. Fresh fruits and veggies, plus so much more! Going further south on Hwy 130 is Pahoa Village. This is the last area before the volcano to get supplies. There is a grocery store, hardware store and much more!

Pahoa Village

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